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Late Night Musings

It’s 3:14 and I can’t sleep


Late Night Voice Notes – Transcript

[Light Switch] It is…ummm…3.14, and I can’t sleep. [Brahms Musicbox Lullaby]

Sometimes it just feels so nice to walk, to move. And to just [breathes deeply]. Isn’t that just so nice – when you just really breathe in and really breathe out? [breathes deeply].


It has been a good…ummm…  and a really hard few weeks. And I’ve noticed that I haven’t been sleeping as well as I normally do…

And my mind is racing even more than it normally does, and I just…I’ve been taking a lot of evening walks, and right time walks…It’s still and it just, it makes me feel calm. It makes me feel good. I like it.

[breathes deeply…in 2,3,4…out 2,3,4…in 2,3,4…out 2,3,4]

I just, I don’t know…something just feels a little bit off. Like my own little inner personal compass is not quite pointing where it should be. But, I mean I don’t know if that’s a bad thing? I’m happy, I feel really good. But it’s especially…when it’s night time, I don’t know, I just…ever since I was little…my mind starts racing when it gets dark…when I get into bed, the wheels of my brain just don’t stop. So I don’t know if it’s just that, our something else…

***thought montage***


[in 2,3,4…out 2,3,4…]

I just can’t slow down the spinning of my brain.

[in 2,3,4 etc etc]

[Light Switch]