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I went around and asked strangers what they wanted their epitaph to be. Here’s what happened. 



Lily: The theme for this issue of podcast stories that we’re doing is “Forget me not.” So, the question that I’m asking is, What do you want your epitaph to be? Or what do you want it to say on your gravestone?

L: What do you want your epitaph to be?

L: What do you want your epitaph to be?

1: My epitaph? Like just one line? You’re making it — I need some time. I feel the pressure.

2: Um….

3:  I don’t know, that seems kinda… that’d be kinda weird to do your own, don’t you think?

4: Oh, that’s so weird to think about. I don’t wanna think about dying. Fuck the question.

5: Um… damn.

6: Can I think about it for a second?

L: Yeah, you can.

7: I feel like I don’t know until I’m up until that point in my life where I’m like ok, I think I’m chill now, I think I know what I’m doing.

8: I don’t know, I feel like if I were to have something written on my gravestone I wouldn’t want it to be written by me, because I feel like that’s kind of wack.

9: At least it’s over.

6: What if I told you I wanted to be cremated, so I don’t want a gravestone?

11: I guess I would want it to say something about how I’m an athlete, or a studier of the environment, or something that represents what I put my time into.

12: I’m so basic, but I think family is so important. Beloved – whatever – wife, sister, daughter. And then, I hope to change the world in some way so whatever I do to do that would also be important.

13: Something that scares me and scares a lot of people is being forgotten. Dying and having no one remember you.

14: I want to find my scent, so that when I die, and people smell that scent, they smell it, and remember me. Her smell will be with us.

15: Loved by everyone hated by no one.

16: Ya, I want my epitaph to be: father to ten million beautiful alien spider babies.

17: It’s a tough question, but I would want to have a nickname on it because I feel like if it’s a nickname then the person who wrote it is someone who cares about me and someone who knows me really well.

18: Definitely: here lies that man. He was, he is, and he will always be.

19: So, on my gravestone I would just like my name, the dates I was alive, and then just like a picture of a bee, or something. Because I love bees. I’m a beekeeper.

20: He who cared for people more than they ever knew.

1: She did ok, she did ok. It’s like with Gertrude Stein – each repetition means something different. First one, it’s like ok, second one you’re like, oh shit, she’s dead.

21: So I’m not sure that I want to be buried. But I was recently looking up other things you could do instead of being buried. You could be cremated and be made into a vinyl, a song. So I was thinking a very good song that my loved ones could listen to and remember me. I haven’t decided what song yet, So maybe something sad, but probably something happy. That would be better. So they could have fond memories when they listen to it. Take it easy by the eagles is a good one. That’s a happy one. A feel-good one like that.

L: So you have thought about this a lot?

21: I mean, a little. I like, googled it recently. That’s where my thoughts are coming from. So I’ve thought a little bit about it.