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A Boo Boo Bear Story


Babette Thomas

It started with some rustling in the bushes…


A Boo-Boo Bear Story Transcript

Mom: You would always get upset! So when I got this text for me to recite the story it’s like, “What! The story that you hate?”

Babette: How would I get upset, what do you mean?

M: I think it was you being in denial of being a Boo-Boo Bear, the fact that I found you and that I made up this story that I told people that I actually had you and a gave birth to you. That part really made you upset. I don’t know maybe it just felt like you were not an actual member of the family, I’m not sure.

I was walking around the lake, which was my daily workout at the time. And I was with Jay on this particular day that I was walking the lake and we heard this movement in the bushes, that we were passing and I said to Jay. I said, “Jay let’s go see what’s going on in the bushes because it sounds like there’s a creature or something over there!”

So we walked over to the bushes and there we found a Boo-Boo Bear. And I was, you know, a married woman without children– hadn’t really thought about kids to be honest with you. And I said to Jay, I said, “Jay, let’s take the Boo-Boo Bear home and raise the Boo-Boo Bear as though he or she– we couldn’t figure out the gender at the time– was our own!”

And Jay, was not in favor of the idea. He liked the house quiet and he didn’t want a third creature in his home. So, we took the Boo-Boo Bear home with us and we raised the Boo-Boo Bear and that’s how you came into the picture and in the early years, we just called you Boo-Boo.

And then, this is a part of the story that you’ve never heard Babette, but we might as well get all the truth out: We decided to give my my middle name “Babette.” Because you going to school with the name Boo-Boo we pretty much thought you would be scared by that whole experience. So, we called you Babette. And that’s how we became the parents of a Boo-Boo Bear and I told that story to you and whenever I would, you would get upset. And that’s the end!

[Parents Singing Boo-Boo Bear Song] That was cute!

That was it! We would sing it back and forth, back and forth because we didn’t have–and still do not have–a large home. So, we would just walk you back and forth to the living room into what we referred to as the dining room area. We would keep going back and forth and back and forth. And I think maybe on one occasion she fell asleep, I don’t really ever remember that song being effective. It worked? Maybe when she was in your arms…

I’m looking at your picture right now– you looked like a Boo-Boo Bear to me! If I were to try visualizing a Boo-Boo Bear, I think you would perfectly meet the description. And I think that’s what motivated me to keep telling you that story because your little face kept looking like a Boo-Boo Bear to me, more so than a human! And that’s how you became a Boo-Boo Bear.