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Mitchell Johnson

Mitchell Johnson is a small-town boy from northern California who thinks a lot about alternative histories of the west, and also where to find cheap chicken wings.

Alex Hanesworth

Alex Hanesworth grew up listening to audiobooks in a nook somewhere on Fidalgo Island, WA and now spends her days making audio stories about art, creatures, and relationships.

Babette Thomas

Babette Thomas is a producer from Oakland, California who is passionate about making stories aimed towards social justice as well as relating to the African diaspora, specifically the African American experience.

Donia Torabian

Donia Torabian is from LA and loves to make stories about healing and community.

Alina Kulman

Alina Kulman is a tried and true New Yorker who loves black coffee and talking to people about what makes them tick.

Jeffrey Katz

Jeff Katz is an illustrator and multimedia storyteller from suburban Philadelphia whose only goal is to someday live on a stormy spit of rock off the coast of Oregon.

Angie Kang

From Los Gatos, California, Angie Kang has been known to have conversations in her sleep and enjoys eating the tops of decapitated red velvet muffins.

Claribel Wu

Claribel Wu likes quiet Californian sunshine, comic books, and stories about connection.

Lily Wright

Lily Wright, an illustrator for NHT, is from Rhode Island and likes to make illustrations, music, and new friends.

Alex Westfall

Alex Westfall is from Manila, the Philippines and likes big windows, guava juice, and vintage funk music.

Lauren Black

Lauren Black loves elaborate schemes and talking to strangers (when she’s brave enough). She wants everything she makes to feel as intimate as possible.

Ari Snider

Ari Snider is from the coast of Maine and enjoys making stories about bicycles, compost, and ghosts.

Justin Bai

Justin Bai is from Irvine, CA, and enjoys making stories about the Internet and emojis.

Anita Sheih

Anita Sheih is a native of Phoenix, Arizona, who enjoys telling stories about people, places, and things.

Zachary Zuckerman

Zach Zuckerman is from New York City and is studying English and Film at Brown. An audiophile who never the less finds the word audiophile super pretentious, a few of his favorite podcasts are The Moth, Song Exploder, and Pardon My Take.

Raina Wellman

Raina Wellman is from Santa Fe, New Mexico she loves long walks and is interested in the way that people communicate with each other.

Clare Boyle

Clare Boyle is originally from Newtown, CT. Outside producing, they enjoy teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages and reading poetry.

Chiara Wadsworth Arellano

Originally from San Francisco, Chiara Wadsworth Arellano likes anything that has to do with getting outside, eating, and dismantling white supremacy (especially in making stories about any of the above).

Liza Edwards

Liza Edwards-Levin (from Chicago) loves to tell everyday stories: in workshops, over fall-weather walks or jogs, and at the table sharing long meals with friends whenever possible. Catch her running away from pigeons and spreading extra peanut butter on her toast!