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Now Here This is a student-run audio storytelling collective out of Brown University and RISD, in Providence, Rhode Island. We provide a platform for student-produced audio work of all genres, forms, and styles. Currently, we publish three collections of stories each semester, centered on a common theme. We also air a one-hour radio show on 101.1 in Providence, on the second Tuesday of every month (usually).


Process/ Values

We aim to foster a space that is conducive both to creative exploration, and to learning the skills involved in radio production. We hope to be a place in which making audio stories is accessible to students who want to learn, regardless of prior experience.

Now Here This is committed to workshopping pieces through a non-hierarchical editing process, in which every team member, including illustrators, is involved in every stage of editing for each story. Each producer makes their stories from start to finish– from pitching, to reporting, to audio editing. Our goal is to allow people the space and tools to make the kinds of stories they want, without being confined to a specific model or process.